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Friends think you’re weird? Family thinks you’re crazy?

How do you stay on the vegetarian wagon when everyone is (literally) trying to shove meat down your throat? How do you know which products are really safe for you and your family to consume? Feel like you can’t really afford to be a vegetarian?

That’s where I come in!

My name is Sarah Quilici and I am the beaming brunette behind the blog that is going to teach you that being a vegetarian can be easy and affordable! You will start to notice yourself having more energy, getting sick less and less and feeling better about the way you and your family eats and lives. You shouldn’t have to wonder what’s in your food and health care products.

I became vegetarian 6 years ago with my husband and had the negatives comments and the rolling of the eyes when I told people why we had become vegetarians. The jokes also poured in from family members that they would secretly try to sneak our kids meat if our kids ever went to stay at their houses. Or ridicule for not wanting our kids to try meat for a while.

On top of the misunderstanding, it was hard trying to figure out which products were actually healthy for me and my family. Most “natural” products tout being “healthy” but it actuality are just as bad. So how do you figure out which is which? Stick around and I will show you how read the labels to protect you and your family from harmful ingredients.

I will help you create sweet and savory dishes that will keep your family full and save you time and money. I will also teach you the benefits of being a vegetarian so you will feel more confident about meeting all your nutritional needs.

Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?

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