Easy Chocolate Magic Mousse Dessert


Okay chocolate lovers, this little idea came to me after I watched this video about how to make vegan mousse. The mousse is made from (you’re not going to believe this) the juice from a can of garbanzo beans, called auqufaba! The light fluff that came from the aquafaba is awesome!

Mind Blown…

I wouldn’t have believed you could get fluffy white peaks from garbanzo bean juice if someone had just told me about it. But after watching that video I had to go and make some of my own. The great thing is that when you mix the chocolate into the fluff it doesn’t taste like garbanzo beans at all!

My recipie is almost vegan because I used milk chocolate chips. I didn’t have any vegan carob chips on hand but feel free to substitute the milk chocolate chips with those and make it completely vegan!

I didn’t want to do just a mousse dessert so I decided to add some other goodies to the mix.

What you’ll need to make this magic mousse dessert…

  • Hand or stand mixer
  • Can of garbanzo (chickpea) beans
  • 5/8 cup of milk chocolate chips (Or carob chips If you want it to be completely vegan)
  • Cocowhip
  • 4 Pkgs. of Nature’s Bakery Chocolate Fig Bars (8 fig bars)
  • 8×8 pan
  • Mixing bowl

Chocolate Vegan Mousse thebeamingbrunette.com

I love Nature’s Bakery fig bars. They have so many flavors and they only have about 4 grams of sugar in each bar. They are a perfect grab and go snack. I can throw a couple in my diaper backpack and I am ready for whenever nursing or toddler hunger strikes. And I just found out they make a salted caramel brownie fig bar!!

Okay, enough day dreaming about chocolate. Let’s make this a reality people!

Heat up the fig bars for 10 seconds in the microwave to make them more pliable. This will be the bottom of the dessert. Break the fig bars up a little and mash them into the bottom of the pan.

Vegan Magic Mousse Dessert thebeamingbrunette.com

Grab your chocolate chips and put them in a glass bowl to put over a pan of water on the stove. Keep the temperature low so that you don’t burn your chocolate. It will look like they are not melted but you just need to give them a little stir when you are ready to add them to your fluff.

Vegan Magic Mousse Dessert thebeamingbrunette.com

Now, for my next act take can of garbanzo beans and drain the aquafaba into your mixing bowl. Then take your mixer and begin to beat the auqafaba until you get stiff peaks. I had to beat mine for about 15 minutes.

Vegan Magis Mousse Dessert thebeamingbrunette.com

Beat it! Beat it! No one wants to be defeated!…

The acoustics in my house are awesome therefore I must sing while I whip this.

Vegan Magic Mousses Dessert thebeamingbrunette.com

Make sure you have beat it enough by tipping the bowl. If it slides it needs to be beat more. If it stays put than you’re done!


Vegan Magic Mousse Dessert thebeamingbrunette.com

You will need to let your melted chocolate cool down before adding it to your fluff. The fluff will deflate a litte and make it more like a pudding texture. But this makes it easier to pour into your dish and will still become mousse when put in the refrigerator.

Pour your chocolate aquafaba into your pan with the fig bars and chill the mousse in the refrigerator for 3 hours and then serve whenever you want after that.

If you put this mousse in the freezer you will get more of a fudge bar texture. I did this because I wanted to add a layer of cocowhip to the top of the mousse but I changed my mind. But if you chill it in the refrigerator it will become a mousse. Either way it is still so amazingly good.

Vegan Magic Mousse Dessert thebeamingbrunette.com

I love the look of frosted glass. Reminds me of Christmas.

Oh baby. This dessert was crazy good! I was so impressed with how this turned out that I will definitely be making it again. The mousse tasted like a fudge bar. And man, do I love me a good fudge bar.

Vegan Magic Mousse Dessert thebeamingbrunette.com


Add a dollop of the cocowhip to the top and devour! This cocowhip is also perfect for parfaits if you are looking for something light and refreshing.

{Side note} I will say that you don’t want to serve it on a hot day because the mousse will melt. 🙁 But once I saw this happening I ate mine so fast it didn’t have time to finish melting. 😉

What magic tricks will you perform with this secret ingredient?



The Best Vegan Fruit Parfait You’ll Ever Make!


Have some family or friends that are vegan but don’t know what to make them for Memorial Day? These vegan fruit parfaits are just the thing for any BBQ or get together!

These little parfaits layered with fruit and coconut cool whip are light and cool. Perfect for a summer treat! Even if you are not having a get together this cocowhip is good on everything. Try a dollop in your coffee!

I found this coconut cool whip from So Delicious about a year ago and have loved using it ever since. It has a really subtle coconut flavor. It doesn’t over power the fruit in the parfait.

This cocowhip only has 2 grams of sugar per serving and is organic, vegan, gluten-free!

Best vegan fruit parfaits, memorial day desserts, thebeamingbrunette.com

It doesn’t get any better than that.

You want to get the regular cocowhip (pictured above) because the light cocowhip tastes horrible and it doesn’t remain thick enough like regular cool whip does.

Serves 6

What you’ll need is:

  • 1 cups of strawberries
  • 1/2 pineapple
  • 1 cup of blueberries
  • 2 cups of peaches
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tub of So Delicious Cocowhip

You want to pick fruit that is ripe but that is still pretty firm so you don’t end up with a soggy, mushy mess.


Chill fruit in your refrigerator before hand so that the parfait is more refreshing.

Let the cocowhip thaw for a few hours in the refrigerator before making the parfait cups.  The container of cocowhip says not to thaw on the countertop.

Add your fruit to the bottom of the cup first and then add about two spoonfuls of cocowhip. Level off. Add another layer of fruit to the cup and top it off with a dollop of the cocowhip.

Then add a couple of pieces of fruit for a garnish on top.

Serve immediately or place the cups back in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve them!

best vegan fruit parfaits, memorial day desserts, thebeamingbrunette.com

What are some of your favorite desserts for summer? If really like coconut, be sure to check out this recipe for coconut water “Tropsicles”!

Vegan fruit parfaits

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3 Ingredient “Tropsicles”


Happy first day of Spring! Since it seems like Summer sneaks up on us pretty quickly I thought I’d share with you a popsicle recipe that will take you away to your own private tropical paradise…

Ha, just kidding. You’re still here.

Anywho, these coconut pineapple mango (Phew! That is a mouthful) “Tropsicles”, as I like to call them, really hit the spot if your kids are wanting something cold and delicious on a scorching summer’s day. And they only have three ingredients! How easy is that? Coconut water is the perfect way to stay hydrated. Coconut water also replenishes lost electrolytes from sweating. Ew. The pineapple and mango add just the right amount of sweetness. An awesome bonus is that there is no added sugar!

*Warning!* Rant! Can companies please stop putting added sugar in something that is already supposed to be sweet? I don’t feel like it is that hard anymore to make something taste really good without adding more unnecessary sugar! Okay. Rant over.

I love popsicles because they are so easy to make and kids think they are so much fun! One of my favorites parts of summer when I was a child was getting out of the pool to enjoy a nice, cold popsicle. Now I can’t wait to watch my children enjoy the same thing!

I had some coconut pineapple popsicles the other day and while they tasted okay the pineapple in them was mushy and overly sweet. They also had other unnecessary ingredients which is why I decided to make my own!

Okay, let’s do this. You’ll need: (You might need a little more or less liquids depending on the molds you have.)

  • 1 cup of Coconut water
  • 1 cup of Pineapple juice
  • 1 Mango
  • 1 Popsicle mold

Pineapple juice, coconut water, mango, popsicle mold

Mix the two liquids into a measuring pitcher. It is easier to pour the liquids into the molds that way.

Popsicle mold IMG_4593

I was using a funnel at first but I realized it wasn’t necessary. You want to fill your molds about 2/3 full so you can add the mango to it.

When choosing a mango you want to pick it up and squeeze it a little bit. It needs to be firm but have a small amount to give to it. When you cut it open it should be a bright orangey-yellow color, like this…


Mangoes are a little tricky to cut but this video is super helpful! Plus, his accent is fun to listen to.

Next, cut your mango into tiny chunks. They will fall to the bottom of the mold but it will still taste fabulous.

Mango slices img_4588-e1489779674265.jpg

Now add a small handful of mango chucks to each popsicle mold. Make sure to leave a little room at the top for the popsicles to expand when they freeze. Don’t ask me how, go ask science. 😉

Put the tops on and pop them into the freezer!

Make sure to store the rest of your pineapple juice in a glass container. After the can has been opened it is not safe to store something so acidic in the tin can that it came in. You can read why here.

Pineapple juice IMG_4598

A few hours later your kiddos (and mom, if you so desire) are ready to hydrate and enjoy a tropical summer treat!


I was so thrilled with how these turned out. While I was taking the pictures I could smell the pineapple juice! It was so tempting to not just eat them right off the plate before I was finished taking pictures of them.

Coconut Pineapple Mango popsicles IMG_20170315_110019421

The mango chucks froze beautifully in the popsicle. When I tried the popsicle, the mango had stayed nice and firm. You taste more coconut water than pineapple juice but that was alright by me. If you want more of a pineapple flavor make the measurements 1 1/2 cups of pineapple juice and 1/2 a cup of coconut water.


Hope this recipe makes your summer more memorable!

What kind of summer treats do your kids love? Share yours in the comments!