DIY Pineapple Party Decoration


Pineapple popularity has exploded over the last few years and I have to say that I am riding the pineapple wave. And with my second son’s first birthday party coming up I thought I would satisfy my pineapple infatuation by throwing him a pineapple party!

And who doesn’t love a DIY pineapple?

I like to make as much of the party decorations as possible to save me a wad of cash. I also found these really cute, free pineapple printables like these party favor pineapples, this cute summer pineapple banner and this pineapple coloring page for the kiddies goodie bags!

The items you’ll need for your adorable pineapple…

  • Paper mache egg
  • Yellow tissue paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Scissors
  • Brown Sharpie
  • Green poster board
  • Paint brush

First, cut the fronds to the desired length that you want. I cut mine about 6 inches. I also cut mine from longer to shorter so that when I rolled it up it would have some dimension of longer and shorter fronds.

diy pineapple party decor

Looks like monster teeth! Nom nom nom!

The poster board gives almost the same feel as real pineapple fronds. Then I just curled them slightly with my nail, pulling from the wider end to the smaller making the fronds look more life-like.

Then roll up the fronds, shorter ones first, and then tape together so it doesn’t uncurl. Roll the next piece, shortest to tallest, and tape to the one already rolled up.

diy pineapple party decor

Then use the fronds (no, not the Fonz) and trace a circle onto the top of your pineapple. Take a knife and cut straight down into the pineapple. Push the fronds down into where you cut. It should stay secure but for extra security you can add some mod podge to the edges.

diy pineapple party decor

*Warning* Knives in pictures are larger than they actually are.

diy pineapple party decor

Next you are going to cut small triangles into the edge of the tissue paper. After you have cut that leave a 2 inch edge so you will be able to glue the tissue paper onto your pineapple. Now, you also have some cool triangle confetti. You’re welcome.

I cut the tissue paper into smaller sections so they would be easier to glue onto the pineapple. I glued them with the triangles pointing up because I didn’t want the hassle of making sure I didn’t bend or crumple the points when it got down to the bottom of the egg. And it makes more sense that the triangles be pointing up since a pineapple grows up and not down, right? Humor me and just nod at your screen.

You can glue the tips down if you want but I left mine unglued so that it would have a more realisitic look.

diy pineapple party decor

Coming along pretty nicely. This took me only a few hours to glue all of the tissue paper on. It might be a little quicker for you if you don’t have kids. 😉

After you have all of your triangle strips glued onto the egg, take a brown sharpie marker and draw little up arrows onto the tissue paper triangles, like so…

diy pineapple party decor

This turned out so well I wish there had been another egg so I could have made more! I can’t wait to work on the rest of the pineapple decorations for little D’s birthday party next month.

diy pineapple party decor

Care to share your pineapple projects?

DIY pineapple party decor

3 Ingredient “Tropsicles”


Happy first day of Spring! Since it seems like Summer sneaks up on us pretty quickly I thought I’d share with you a popsicle recipe that will take you away to your own private tropical paradise…

Ha, just kidding. You’re still here.

Anywho, these coconut pineapple mango (Phew! That is a mouthful) “Tropsicles”, as I like to call them, really hit the spot if your kids are wanting something cold and delicious on a scorching summer’s day. And they only have three ingredients! How easy is that? Coconut water is the perfect way to stay hydrated. Coconut water also replenishes lost electrolytes from sweating. Ew. The pineapple and mango add just the right amount of sweetness. An awesome bonus is that there is no added sugar!

*Warning!* Rant! Can companies please stop putting added sugar in something that is already supposed to be sweet? I don’t feel like it is that hard anymore to make something taste really good without adding more unnecessary sugar! Okay. Rant over.

I love popsicles because they are so easy to make and kids think they are so much fun! One of my favorites parts of summer when I was a child was getting out of the pool to enjoy a nice, cold popsicle. Now I can’t wait to watch my children enjoy the same thing!

I had some coconut pineapple popsicles the other day and while they tasted okay the pineapple in them was mushy and overly sweet. They also had other unnecessary ingredients which is why I decided to make my own!

Okay, let’s do this. You’ll need: (You might need a little more or less liquids depending on the molds you have.)

  • 1 cup of Coconut water
  • 1 cup of Pineapple juice
  • 1 Mango
  • 1 Popsicle mold

Pineapple juice, coconut water, mango, popsicle mold

Mix the two liquids into a measuring pitcher. It is easier to pour the liquids into the molds that way.

Popsicle mold IMG_4593

I was using a funnel at first but I realized it wasn’t necessary. You want to fill your molds about 2/3 full so you can add the mango to it.

When choosing a mango you want to pick it up and squeeze it a little bit. It needs to be firm but have a small amount to give to it. When you cut it open it should be a bright orangey-yellow color, like this…


Mangoes are a little tricky to cut but this video is super helpful! Plus, his accent is fun to listen to.

Next, cut your mango into tiny chunks. They will fall to the bottom of the mold but it will still taste fabulous.

Mango slices img_4588-e1489779674265.jpg

Now add a small handful of mango chucks to each popsicle mold. Make sure to leave a little room at the top for the popsicles to expand when they freeze. Don’t ask me how, go ask science. 😉

Put the tops on and pop them into the freezer!

Make sure to store the rest of your pineapple juice in a glass container. After the can has been opened it is not safe to store something so acidic in the tin can that it came in. You can read why here.

Pineapple juice IMG_4598

A few hours later your kiddos (and mom, if you so desire) are ready to hydrate and enjoy a tropical summer treat!


I was so thrilled with how these turned out. While I was taking the pictures I could smell the pineapple juice! It was so tempting to not just eat them right off the plate before I was finished taking pictures of them.

Coconut Pineapple Mango popsicles IMG_20170315_110019421

The mango chucks froze beautifully in the popsicle. When I tried the popsicle, the mango had stayed nice and firm. You taste more coconut water than pineapple juice but that was alright by me. If you want more of a pineapple flavor make the measurements 1 1/2 cups of pineapple juice and 1/2 a cup of coconut water.


Hope this recipe makes your summer more memorable!

What kind of summer treats do your kids love? Share yours in the comments!